Engine Support Bar
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When repairing or removing and installing a transmission in most front wheel drive vehicles it is often difficult to do so without some type of lift or support bar to hang the engine by.  This is required when removing the transmission from the bottom of the vehicle and having to remove the sub-frame or cradle and you no longer have anything holding the drivetrain in the vehicle.  A Support Bar is the best easy solution to hang the engine by while you work working on the transmission and you avoid having to use a large engine hoist or homemade contraption to hold the engine up. 

This item is a Astro Pneumatic brand engine support bar. There is also an additional transverse bar to help support an engine with ackward hanging brackets and makes it very universal.  While this is an inexpensive version of this type of tool it does work fairly well and it is hard to beat the low cost compared to the much more expensive professional grade support bars available.  We bought one for our shop as a backup tool to use when our main support bar is tied up and having used this bar I will say it is fairly well built and does offer a good amount of adjustment.  This bar is well worth the cost and saves a lot of headache if you dont have one and are planning fwd transmission repair.  We made our own adapter brackets over the years for various engines to better attach to support bars.  This bar includes long threaded hooks to adjust the level and also some long cables to wrap around and hang by but they are vary long and likely not too usefull for most applications.  Brackets can easily be made out of 1" wide steel by the length you need and drilling a few holes on the ends for attaching to a bolt on the engine and the other end to attache the hook.  A short piece of chain would work well also.  There are just a few ideas that we feel should be mentioned as this is a universal kit and is not going to be a perfect fit on every vehicle.

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Engine Support Bar

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