4T65E Shift Kit Combo Kit

This is a kit that we put together as a ready-to-install kit with the required parts you need for installing the lower accumulator body portion of the shift kit.  This kit will install in all model year GM 4T65E and Volvo 4T65EV/GT transmissions. The Transgo Shift Kit by itself does not include gaskets or seals.  Rather than piece everything together or place an order not knowing you need the extra items we felt it was for the best to offer a kit with everything in one box.

Here is what is included in our Shift Kit Combo Kit-

  • Transgo SK4T65E Shift Kit
  • USA Made Sealed Power or Allomatic Filter
  • 1-2 and 2-3 accumulator piston seals
  • Accumulator body gasket
  • 2-1 servo housing to case seal
  • Scotchbrite pad to scuff accumulator bores

This is one of our most popular items and can be installed with the transmission still in the vehicle.  The Transgo Shift Kit does include a few parts that can be installed inside the transmission during a rebuild to further help with durability and cover some common wear areas but the main reason customers buy these kits are to help address code P1811 from setting which is caused by long shift times.  The accumulator parts in this shift kit greatly help with long soft shifts in the GM 4T65E and Volvo 4T65EV/GT model transmissions. Excessive shift times are the cause of code P1811 and once this code sets the pcm/tcm will command max line pressure and you will feel harsh shifts often until you shut the vehicle off and restart. Please keep in mind that installing a shift kit is NO guarantee to curing this problem from occuring but a majority of the time it works very well and is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to help cure the problem.

Installation time should be 1-2 hours for the lower accumulator body section of the kit to be installed which is easily accessable once you remove the lower pan.



  • Item #: 4T65E-SKCK

4T65E Shift Kit Combo Kit

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