2005+ LS4 5.3 V8 FWD Transmission Cooler Kit,  In-Line
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LS4 5.3 V8 Transmission Cooler Kit for 2005+ FWD applications


This cooler kit is one we custom assemble here at our shop.  It includes top quality components and is design for use with your existing radiator transmission cooler.  Hoses are pre-assembled for an easy installation.  We have installed several of these coolers and typically transmission temps will drop 20-40 degrees over your stock temperatures.  These cars run fairly high transmission temps from the factory and this cooler kit is a great suppliment.

Here are the features of our kits-

  • Tru-Cool  Low Pressure Drop Transmission Cooler
  • Transmission Cooler rating of 20,000 GVW
  • Installation brackets that bolt to existing holes so NO Drilling!
  • AN Hose and Fittings for maximum durability!
  • Earls Pro-Lite Ultra/390 -6 AN nylon braided hose
  • Earls AN fittings
  • Preassembled hoses and hose ends for easy installation
  • Drop your transmission temps an average of 20-40 degrees!

When installing our cooler kit it is important that your radiator cooler is in good condition and not contaminated from a failing transmission.  If your radiator cooler is already contaminated and restrictive then a supplimental transmission cooler is not going to perform as expected and can contaminate the external cooler as well.  Our kit includes a quick-connect tube to attach to the top radiator cooler line fitting for easy installation.

This cooler size was selected for easy installation and also to be of adequate size to suppliment the factory radiator cooler.  If you are interested in completely bypassing your radiator cooler please contact us for other recommendations.

These cooler kits are custom assembled per order which normally about 3-5 business days before shipping out.




  • Item #: TC4711-LS4

2005+ LS4 5.3 V8 FWD Transmission Cooler Kit, In-Line

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