2005+ LS4 5.3 V8 FWD Transmission Cooler Kit, Stand Alone Max2

This cooler kit is one that we custom build at our shop and is used to completely bypass the factory transmission cooling system. This cooler kit is a great way to eliminate the radiator cooler and enhance transmission cooling efficiency.

We start with a TruCool Max 4921 transmission fluid cooler which is 23" wide and 6" tall and rated at 30K GVW then weld AN -6 fittings on the inlet and outlet ports. Custom AN hoses with correct fittings are included, as well as -6 AN fittings that install in the transmission case. Brackets are also included that are pre-bent and ready to install. This is our Low Mount cooler kit that fits non-intercooled vehicles only

All quality Earls AN components are used in our transmission cooler kits. We leak check our cooler kits at 100 psi to assure there are no leaks in the cooler or lines. You can expect transmission fluid temps to be approximately 160-175 degrees with this cooler kit though may vary a bit depending on driving conditions. This is a very large cooler that is often overkill for most vehicles and is Not advised for cold climates!

These are all custom built per order and often takes 1-2 weeks to have ready before shipping

  • Item #: TC4921-LS4

2005+ LS4 5.3 V8 FWD Transmission Cooler Kit, Stand Alone Max2

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